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Craft Quality:

Our flowers are a little different than what you may be used to seeing at a dispensary. Most large commercial operations handle huge quantities so they use a machine to ‘tumble’ the buds which removes any trace of leaf from the outside. It also causes the flower to dry more quickly, ending the curing process early and causing them to have a more ‘compressed’ appearance.

Ours flowers are not like this at all. They are hand-trimmed and have a much fluffier texture. They don’t crumble, they peel open like an actual flower.

The flowers can also be much larger because we don’t cut them down to the smallest pieces for processing. Whenever possible, we give larger multi-part buds that have the outer ‘sugar leaves’ trimmed but not removed. These tiny leaves allow the bud to dry slower, allowing the curing process to continue. Please peel responsibly! 😉